ENGLISH – Spy Mission Den Bosch PDF


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This Spy Mission is a fun and imaginative way to explore the beautiful and vibrant city of ’s-Hertogenbosch at your own pace and time. An easy to follow route will enable you to crack the fiendish clues on the route and you’ll be saving the city from disaster, whilst taking in some of the most fascinating sites of the city along the way. It even offers you a glossary with useful words in Dutch, or words that will come in handy whilst on mission in ’s-Hertogenbosch.


The route starts in the picturesque Uilenburg area and will offer many views over the Dieze, continues across the medieval Market square down surprising alleys with a mishmash of buildings and shops, past the Bossche Broek nature reserve near the centre of town and past the jewel in the crown of the city: the Sint Janskathedraal. ’s-Hertogenbosch is a lively city with many cafes, inviting you to sit down and have a drink, and parks, inviting you to lie down and gaze at the clouds. And we haven’t even mentioned the many fascinating museums. Oh, and don’t forget the Bossche Bol!


The Spy Mission is suitable for all ages – 6 to 110. Children under the age of around 11 years may struggle to solve a lot of the clues as the route is written in what we like to call ‘adult language’, but with a little bit of help from an older person, even they can get involved.

The Spy Mission is about 3.5 km long, takes about 2 hours to solve.

Also available at:
Tourist Information Centre, ’s-Hertogenbosch, Markt 77 Den Bosch